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Laszlo Horvath, President
(216) 574-9700
Fax: (216) 574-2522

Contact Laszlo directly for quote information.

Ready for a Quote?

There are a few things we'll need from you in order to get started:

  • What are the product specs? We can work from any 2D or 3D CAD file type.
  • How many pieces do you want?
  • What material or materials do you want the product to be made of?
  • What color or colors do you want the product to be?
  • What is your timeframe?
We look forward to talking to you about your project!

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Aries Industries
3301 Train Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Aries Industries
3301 Train Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113
Phone: (216) 574-9700

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