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We serve clients in Northeast Ohio as well as throughout the entire United States.

We've served a variety of industries, including

  • electrical,
  • small tools and appliances,
  • fishing, and
  • musical instruments
Our clients include Kirby, Curtiss Wright, Grover Musical, Superior Tool, and Great Lakes Float.

Our Facility

Injection Molding Machines
Shot (oz) Dim Tons Brands
35 20 x 36 300 Vandorn
16 18 x 26 250 FCS KT 300G
14 18 x 32 200 Vandorn
12 17 x 24 200 Vandorn
 5 16 x 23 75 Vandorn
 5 16 x 23 75 Vandorn
 3 11 x 17 50 Newbury
1.5  6 x  8 18 Newbury

Protoypes to Large Production Runs

Not ready for a full production run? We can work with you on creating a single prototype.

Ready for production? We can run one piece or millions.

Contact Laszlo for a quote!

We Can Work from Existing Tooling

Do you have an existing tool/mold that you were using with another plastic injection molding company?

Are you interested in bringing your production processes (back) to the United States? Bring us your Chinese or other foreign tools. We can help you run offshore tooling in the United States.

We can adapt existing tooling to run in our machines.

Add "Made in the USA" back to your product!

Contact Laszlo to discuss your options.

We Speak

Innovative Problem Solutions

In order to reduce price and increase efficiency, we can offer inexpensive mechanisms to automate production runs instead of relying on an operator.

We have developed efficient in-house
test procedures to avoid the cost and time lag of sending products out to a laboratory.

We can work with you to select the best materials to reduce prices and maximize performance.

3D Printing

Send us your 3D printing requirements.

Contact Laszlo to discuss your options.

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